Valentine's Day For The Adventurous


Local live art company, DRIP, has created a special limited run Valentine’s experience for couples called The Blind Date. This artistic adventure recreates the excitement and mystery of a first date to reignite the romance in established lovers.

Interactive couples games, artistic activities, complimentary paint station, special edition t-shirt, full theatrical DRIP show, live band, DJ and more will be included at DRIP’s International Drive location just down the street from the Orlando Eye and on the backside of the Senor Frogs building. 

The Beginning

The Blind Date starts with each couple being given a special event blindfold that they wear into DRIP and get to take home as a gift. The evening starts out with a special blindfolded challenge that leads guests into the rest of the event. T-shirt artists will custom design and cut guest’s special edition shirts and turn them into corsets, dresses, tank tops and more. A complimentary paint station will be available for guests to paint their shirts and each other.

The Color Rooms

Color Rooms will be sprinkled throughout DRIP’s creative warehouse-like space and each room will be hosted by one of the characters from the DRIP show. Each character is named after a color; Yellow, Blue and Red. The characters are giving free reign to create an experience for the guests that is unique to them. Yellow’s room is a romantic verbal game, Blue’s room is an intimate experience involving paint, and Red’s room is a bit spicier and recommended for open minded couples wanting to experiment with new ways to stimulate their relationship.

The Color Bar

DRIP’s Color Bar will be available throughout the evening (minus breaks for performances).  The menu is beer and wine based and color inspired!  Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow beers, cocktails, shots as well as wine and non alcoholic beverages. 

The Show

The adventure continues with a full theatrical show featuring dancers telling an emotional love story while performing in paint, flying water and new colored sand (a must see!) backed by a live rock band. Music is composed by David Traver (of Blue Man Group).

The After Party

Post show, guests will be invited to stay for the after party with DJ FreshMat, dance floor, and interactive paint shower!

All Valentine's tickets include:

  • Souvenir Event Blindfold
  • Special Edition White DRIP Shirt
  • Paint Station
  • Couples Color Room Activities
  • Full Theatrical Show
  • Dancers
  • Live Band
  • After Party with DJ & Interactive Paint Shower

    All Inclusive Tickets also include: Custom t-shirt cutting and open bar from 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM.

    Ticket Prices (per person)
    Thursday, Feb. 11: General Admission $29, All Inclusive $69 (SOLD OUT)
    Friday, Feb. 12: General Admission $39, All Inclusive $79 (SOLD OUT)
    Saturday, Feb. 13: General Admission $49, All Inclusive $89 (SOLD OUT)
    Sunday, Feb. 14: General Admission $49, All Inclusive $89 (SOLD OUT)



    DRIP is conveniently located for locals and tourist travelers at 8747 International Drive Ste. 102, on the backside of the building with Denny’s and Señor Frogs. Map and directions

    T-shirt cutting is in high demand and is first come, first serve, on-site for $5.  Guarentee access to a t-shirt cutting artist by reserving an All Inclusive ticket.

    This event is designed for only 40 couples per event. Reserve tickets early as they are likely to sell out.